April 17, 2011

Wind {IHF}

It's been a while since I entered a photo submission challenge, but this week's "Wind" challenge over at I Heart Faces reminded me of one of my all time favorite kid photos.

Meet Miss G, who was playing in her backyard on a very windy January day.  Her ponytails caught up in the breeze, and I snapped this image of her during one of the only moments at the session when she wasn't running around, the free spirit that she is.  I love the juxtaposition: lively hair, calm Miss G.  And those eyes!  All in all, one of my favorite photographs.

Click on the image for the best view, back arrow to return.


  1. I love photos with wispy hair!

  2. What a great shot. I love the background and your lighting! I agree, the juxtaposition of her almost sleepy eyes with that wispy hair is nice.