February 24, 2010

Bridge Run {Sports}

Saturday, February 20th, was blue skies and warm air for the annual Sidney Lanier Bridge Run in Brunswick, the hardest 5K in the state of Georgia! Over 2000 runners/walkers turned out for the event that benefited the Southeast Georgia Health System's cancer programs. I had a wonderful time capturing everyone's hard work. I was on the southside of the bridge and loved the dynamic views I had. Here are some of my favorite shots of the 1,100+ photos I took that day:

Far ahead of the pack near the 1 mile mark
(His finish time was 17:34!)

D giving me the Hawaii sign

Celebrating 2 miles in

Some runners carried pink ribbons to show support to loved ones who battle/d cancer.

Yes, you are seeing right.
Local firefighters and firefighters from Kentucky ran the race in their full gear!

Look at all the people!
(And by the way, I am standing on the median leaning against a lamppost for balance!)

Shonda informing me that I am standing in the worst spot
(aka on the steep incline going up) to photograph runners! ahahaha!

My friend, Karen (cancer survivor!!) and photog friend, Ricardo


A little love on the bridge.

The U.S. Marshals participated in the event. They were definitely an energetic group and a lot of fun to photograph.

Instructor S. leading the chant

US Marshals chanting back

A group shot with the bridge before the run

This, by far, was my favorite race to photograph. I'll see you next year on the bridge!

Indigo {Portraits}

Friday, on my 31st birthday, I had the pleasure of photographing my friend, Indigo. She is both naturally beautiful and a natural in front of the camera. We had a blast trekking the downtown area, looking for good backdrops...and even dodging a train! (A slow moving one, but still!)

I was so proud of the results. Here are some of the unedited photos. (No time to edit right now - too many photog gigs, which is a good thing!)

If you'd like your portrait taken, visit my website at www.jenniferleighphotography.net for this month's portrait package special.

February 17, 2010

I Love The Beach 5K

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of photographing the I Love The Beach 5K on Saint Simons Island, GA with my photog buddy, Kim. We had a BLAST! What began as a crummy day weather-wise, turned into a beautiful afternoon with blue skies. Well over 200 runners showed up for the event and braved the cold wind that blew in off the water. I had an incredible time photographing runners near the turnaround point. What I really loved was motivating the runners as I was taking their pictures. They often rewarded me with a big smile or a thumbs up.

Get your running shoes ready...and winter coat!

The first runner makes his way past the beach homes to the turnaround!

I was greeted with many happy faces despite the cold.

Runners with the Lanier Bridge on the horizon

Motivating runners as they passed me was a BLAST!

I hope I can run a 5K when I'm in my eighties, just like Bob!

Bob checking his time as he crosses the finish line

Kim and her camera at the finish line - www.lifesstories.net

The top three runners in each category were awarded with shell trophies.

Kim and I had so much fun, we will be photographing the Bridge Run this coming Saturday on the Lanier Bridge, where over 1200 participants are expected! We hope to see you there!

A New Chapter

On Thursday, February 11th, Jason proposed! I'm not going to say too much about it, except that it was perfect and was a complete surprise to both me and my friends, with whom I was having dinner and drinks.

My ring is incredible: a beautiful princess-cut stone sitting atop an antique-style setting. Jason picked it out all by himself, and it is the most beautiful ring I have ever seen. You won't find it in any chain store - this privately-owned jewelry shop only sells rings from small distributors.

For now, we are not answering any when/where questions about the big day. (So stop asking! hehe) We are very much enjoying this new chapter in our lives and looking forward to all that our future together brings.

I'm in love...I'm in love...I'm in love...

Right after I said "Yes!"

The happy couple

The most beautiful ring ever

February 5, 2010

Permission to SOAR!

A few months ago, my photog friend, Kim, introduced me to photographer Me Ra Koh. Besides being an amazing photographer, Me Ra is an empowerer of women who dream of being photographers...she empowers women to push past their comfort zone and dig deep to discover themselves, nurture confidence, and, therefore, achieving, fuller, more meaningful lives. She is giving women around the world a wake up call...the ones who are creative and talented but lack inner confidence and the "inner-permission" to break free from their rut and achieve their dreams!

I have always thought that I was a confident person, and I am to an extent. And I have accomplished many wonderful things that took confidence to achieve. But for the past few years, I have lacked the drive to get out there and accomplish what I dream to accomplish...to be a self-supporting, successful photographer. Why? It seems to boil down to self-doubt and fear regarding being good enough, followed by lack of sufficient funds. (That was an incredibly honest statement right there.)

So with Me Ra Koh's help and with the help of the Soar Sisters, this year is going to be the year that I allow myself the permission to succeed and allow my heart and soul take my passion to levels I didn't know existed for me. And it is so wonderful to have Jason's full support, both emotionally and financially. He is the biggest supporter of my dreams and new career, something I have not experienced with any man in my life. (Except for you, Grandpa!) He is my ideas man and my biggest cheerleader. It was he who suggested I begin this new chapter in my life in a big way: when someone asks me what I do for a living, I will not respond with something like, "I work at the college as an accounting assistant, but I would love to start my own photography business someday." No, sir. Instead, I am going to say, "I am a photographer."

Let the journey begin...I am ready!

Me Ra Koh