March 30, 2012

Melissa & Dave {Cincinnati engagement photographer}

I was so excited to have a chance to meet with and photograph Melissa and Dave before I photograph them in St. Lucia in a few weeks!  And how fun to have their engagement session at all their favorite places in Covington, Kentucky?  I loved all the history, personality and charm this town had to offer, and it was especially beautiful since a very early spring had many trees in full bloom!

First on our stop was Melissa & Dave's "first kiss" spot under the Carroll Chimes Bell Tower and Clock, a 100-foot German Gothic clock tower at the head of the German neighborhood.  We then moved to two of their favorite hang out spots - one on the riverbank and the other at Devou Park - both with amazing views of the entire Cincinnati skyline!

Even though the day was overcast, we optimized the beauty of all the gorgeous locations we visited.  Enjoy this sneak peek into Melissa & Dave's session.  Take a good look at this couple now because the next time you see them on the Jennifer Leigh Photography blog, they will be happily married!

March 29, 2012

Cecile & Ganten: Under the Oaks {Saint Simons wedding photographer}

For the second part of Cecile & Ganten's engagement session, we headed over to a nearby park to enjoy less wind and a little shade provided by beautiful live oak trees.  This couple loves the outdoors, and when Cecile asked if she could bring along some bikes, I knew a perfect spot to hold that portion of our shoot.  We finished off the session with the couple just enjoying being together, the blooming azaleas and the live oak trees serving as the perfect backdrops.

I am so excited to photograph Cecile and Ganten's big day coming up in May!  If you think true love looks good on them now, I cannot wait to share with you a peek into their amazing wedding day!

March 28, 2012

Cecile & Ganten: The Marina {Saint Simons wedding photographer}

Cecile & Ganten may live in Atlanta but they have family, friends and many memories on Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  In fact, they met at Brogen's, where Ganten used to bartend before his real estate days.  Could you blame him for wanting to serve this pretty lady a drink?

I was thrilled that Cecile & Ganten came back to SSI to finalize some wedding plans so that we could have their engagement session!  The first part of their session took place at the local marina.  It was supposed to be a calm, overcast day.  Instead we got a super bright sun accompanying some crazy know, the kind of wind that loves to tangle hair and attempts to knock you over!  No worries, though - Cecile & Ganten handled it like pros.

Here's a sneak peek into the first half of our session.  Aren't they a fun and stunning couple?

Up next: Cecile & Ganten's second part of their engagement session...riding bikes under the live oaks and Spanish moss!

March 27, 2012

It's Here! {St. Lucia wedding photographer}

To say I'm a wee bit excited about traveling to tropical St. Lucia next month to photograph Melissa & Dave's wedding could be considered an understatement.  But now that my passport (equipped with my new last name!) arrived in my mailbox today, I'm just bursting at the seams and ready to go!

You'll meet Melissa & Dave here on my blog and on the JLP Facebook page later on this week.  I traveled to the Kentucky/Ohio border last week to photograph their engagement session.  What a fantastic and fun couple!  I cannot wait to share with you images from their gorgeous shoot.  Stay tuned!

March 16, 2012

Ohio Bound! {Cleveland Wedding Photographer}

I cannot tell you how excited I am for the week ahead of me!  I'm taking an 8 day tour of Ohio, my home state, with a few stops in Kentucky!  It's been over a year and half since I was last in Ohio for my sister's wedding.  A few things on my agenda I'm really looking forward to...
  • Ya Ya (our adopted foster dog) meets her awesome forever family, and I get to see our former foster dog, Lucie
  • Melissa & Dave's engagement session take place in Kentucky
  • Time with Mom, my 2 sisters, my cousin and my grandparents
  • A family session with 2 of my besties and their gorgeous little girl
  • Kristen & Matt's engagement session...possibly at a vineyard in Geneva or Playhouse Square in Cleveland
  • Another family session with a sweet little baby and her parents
  • Slovenian food and polka-ing.  (I kid you not!  Sooo excited!)
  • A very special trash-the-dress session in the woods in Kentucky
Next week, I won't be blogging much...but I will be working hard and playing hard.  I shall return with sneak peeks you won't want to miss! 

I leave you with an image of my assistant, Brittany, and me at the Images for a Cure photography workshop in Orlando earlier in the week. 

A big thank you to the awesome artists/presenters!  I loved connecting with each and every one of you!

Lauren Grove of Every Last Detail
Abby Liga of Liga Photography
Melanie & Bradford Watson of La Dolce Vita Studio
Becka & Nate Robinson of Studio 222 Photography
Joey Wright of Joey Wright Photography
Julie Paisley of Julie Paisley Photography
Melanie Pace - stylist
Kristen Weaver of Kristen Weaver Photography

I look forward to my third year as an Images for a Cure photographer this fall!  I love using my camera and artistic eye to raise money for amazing causes, such as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

And now to pack for my Ohio trip.  See you soon!  xo

March 15, 2012

Bouquet Bling {Trendy Thursdays}

Looking for ways to accessorize your wedding bouquet?  Here are some trendy ideas for your consideration!

The vintage look is still going strong!  Find a gorgeous vintage brooch to adorn your bouquet's ribbon-wrapped stem to add a little flair.  You can find some amazing pieces at local second-hand stores and estate sales or online at Ebay or Etsy.  Choose any color you can imagine!

From Ebay - L to R: Purple flower $13; Green peacock $14; Blue flowers $24; Pink flower $5

You can also get the vintage look of a brooch and pearls with a custom-designed bracelet from Glamorous Bjoux.  Their bracelets come with a variety of brooches and the strands of pearls can be made for any length to snugly fit your bouquet.
Pictured: Dacey $116

Keeping up with the vintage theme, a combination of pearls, rhinestones and feathers give bouquets an antique feel.

Contact Eplume for custom orders

How charming!  Charms have been adorning bouquets for years.  Choose one that is sentimental to you to customize your wedding bouquet and to wear after your wedding day on a bracelet or necklace.

Remember loved ones...

Commemorate the date...

Show your faith...

Paloma's Tenderness Cross charm - Tiffany & Co. $150

Allergic to all things floral?  Looking to be a little different?  Why not carry one of these unique and stunning custom "bouquets" by Ky Kampfield?  A great idea for you and/or your bridesmaids!

Wedding bouquets are another fun way to add a little customization, a little personality into your wedding day.  Make it special!

March 14, 2012

Cottage Flowers {Wedding Vendor Wednesdays}

When it comes to choosing flowers for their wedding day, many brides don't really know where to start.  That's why hiring the right floral designer is so important.

One of my favorite floral designers in the area, hands down, is Gay Whatley of Cottage Flowers.  Gay has been working in the floral industry for the past 29 years.  She began her own business 20 years ago and has loved every minute. 

Gay has had the honor of creating floral designs for grand Sea Island events, celebrity weddings and small, personal in-home weddings...and she has loved them all.  "I was even honored with the opportunity to provide flowers for Governor Bill Clinton's "Man of the Year party in Arkansas!"  Another "wow" moment for her?  "The absolute best was when I had a bride change her wedding date so I could do her flowers!"  After nearly 30 years, Gay still feels the same way about her career.  "I don't even think of this as a job.  Every day when I walk into my shop, I feel like a little girl going into her playhouse."

Gay is talented, passionate about her job, and super easy to work with.  When you meet with her, she becomes an instant friend and wants to help you make your dream wedding a reality.  "I want my brides to know that I am at their service.  It is their day, and I want them to know that what they want is what I will do.  I can work with anyone's budget.  I can provide brides with ideas or suggestions that will give them more bang for their buck!"

Last weekend, I had the privilege of following Gay to Villa de Suenos to photograph some of her gorgeous designs while she set up a wedding.  I think the images speak for themselves as to the caliber of her work and the variety of designs she can create for one event.

Isn't she brilliant?  When you are ready to talk flowers, Gay Whatley is ready to help!  Call Cottage Flowers at 912.268.2307.  You can also visit her website at  Tell her Jennifer Leigh Photography sent you!  And don't forget to congratulate her on her own upcoming wedding - I look forward to photographing her on her very own big day this September!