June 22, 2011

Gentle Giant {Jacksonville Zoo}

My favorite guy at the Jacksonville Zoo is tall, dark and...silver?  The silverback gorilla is one heck of an amazing creature.  This gentle giant had so many human-like qualities, it was astounding.  At one point, he sat in the corner, folded his arms and seemed to contemplate life.  What a curious creature.  And the forearms!  My goodness, the muscles on this guy!  I loved everything about him.  Check out some of my favorite images from my visit with him.  He was truly a sight to behold.

 One of his chimpanzee friends in a neighboring exhibit, eating some lettuce...   Isn't he sweet?

This guy is pretty handsome, too.  Definitely my favorite ape of the day.  :)

Stay tuned to a few more of my favorite animals from this year's trip to the Jacksonville Zoo!

June 21, 2011

Feathered Friends {Jacksonville Zoo}

This Easter marked our 3rd annual trip to the Jacksonville Zoo.  It was spectacular, as usual.  I recently came across the images I took and realized that I had been so busy since April, I hadn't had time to edit them properly.  So this week, I am bringing you my favorite birds from this year's trip.

I think back on my trips to the Cleveland Zoo as a little girl, and how the bird were "sooooo boring" compared to the lions, tigers and bears.  (Oh, my.)  These days, they're top on the list of my favorite exhibits.  The variety of color, shapes, sizes and, yes, personalities, make these feathered friends such a pleasure to observe and photograph.

Check back in a few days for images of my favorite zoo friend, who is tall, dark and...silver?  I got a special up close and personal experience with him this trip, and he was absolutely fascinating.  Any guesses as to who he is?  You'll have to stay tuned to find out!

June 15, 2011

Shonda + Monster {Baby Shower}

It just can't be helped.  No matter where I go, I always end up in my favorite place...behind the camera.  But when the event is something as sweet as a baby shower for a close friend, I'm more than happy to serve as photog!

Shonda looked absolutely stunning in a yellow dress that seemed to be made for her.  Don't forget the coordinating high heels and nail polish!  Amazing.

English professor that she is, guests were asked to bring a book to donate to Baby Stevens' bookshelf.  The books were to be children's books that had a special meaning to each guest.

Baby Stevens is dubbed Baby Monster by his mommy, as during one of the ultrasounds, he appeared to swipe his hand at the camera.  His hand-swipe action reminded Shonda of the little boy, Max, in his monster pajama's from the book Where the Wild Things Are.  And the nickname "Baby Monster" was affectionately born.

I brought my favorite monster book from my childhood: The Monster at the End of this Book, starring Grover of Sesame Street.  I know she will do the book justice with a dramatic reading to her little one, just like my mommy did for me. 

All in all, it was a wonderful little get together to honor a very special lady and her growing baby belly.  Congratulations, Shonda!  We cannot wait for the arrival of your sweet pea!

June 14, 2011

Josh {Professional Actor Headshots}

Meet Josh...  SAG actor.  Musical theater guru.  Super awesome friend.  This guy can move you with his vocal talent and make you laugh 'til your sides hurt.  He's the full package.  (I know of what I speak...we recently performed in The Pajama Game together.)  So when Josh asked if I could take his new headshots, I jumped at the opportunity.  Simply put, we had a blast, and the results are purdy darn good, if you ask us.  (After all, photo shoots are collaborations...client puts in half, photographer puts in half...  And Josh + Jen always = awesomeness.  Can't be helped.) 

Here are my favorites from Josh's session.  Can't wait to see which images he and his agent send to print!

And one shot for me...because I am obsessed with this door.  :)

Congratulations are in order!

Congratulations to Morgan Brian, my beautiful, talented client, who was recently named Gatorade's National Women's Soccer Player of the Year!  She was chosen from over 300,000 talented women athlete's to receive this honor.  This summer, she will compete for the title of Athlete of the Year against the other women chosen as Player of the Year in volleyball, cross country, basketball, track & field and softball.

Congrats, again, Morgan!  You've got a bright future and an amazing soccer career ahead!

You can check out Morgan's Gatorade web page HERE and read up on what a fierce athlete she is.