May 26, 2010

Blossoms Atlanta {Advertisment}

I received the best news today!  Monique Escudie of Blossoms Atlanta, Atlanta's premiere creator of all things floral, contacted me today with her latest advertisement...featuring my photo!

Earlier in the month, I traveled with Great Southern Publishers to Roswell, Georgia, where I photographed two models for the Roswell Wedding Guide.  Monique was the creative genius behind the beautiful bouquet we used during the shoot.  I sent her a photo of one of our models holding the bouquet - she loved it so much, she asked to use it for her latest advertisement campaign!

Below is the low-res version she sent me today, and it's just spectacular!  A big thank you to Monique for such a wonderful surprise today.  I can't wait to see the ad in print!

May 23, 2010

Beautiful Brides {Weddings}

Last Friday, I played around on Lightroom for most of my day at Great Southern Publishers.  I enjoyed exploring the many presets the program comes with.  The antique presets are my favorite, so I thought I'd try them out on the bridal portraits I took earlier in the month.  I loved the results!  Here are a few of my favorites...

And our guest star cameo...

I've drooled over Lightroom for a while now, and I am so excited to actually be scoring a copy of Lightroom this week!  It will definitely help me cut back on my post-production time.  Can't wait!

Katie & Joe {Texture}

After the usual post-processing was complete on Katie & Joe's engagement session, I made time to experiment with my new favorite thing: texture!  Here are my favorites...

May 22, 2010

Sapelo Island Lighthouse {Texture}

Today was an incredibly creative and rewarding day for me!  One of the things I did was taught myself how to use texture when post-processing images.  What happens when you mix a really cool photo of a lighthouse with some texture? You get several really cool photos of a lighthouse!  Click on the photos to enlarge, back arrow to return.

The original:

My edits:

My two favorites:

Prints are available for purchase through my website's gallery page at

Sapelo Island {Travel}

 As promised, here are some images from my day on Sapelo Island.  When I look at them, I am reminded of my lazy, peaceful day in a most beautiful place.

Sapelo is calling me...

May 20, 2010

Little Miss I & Family {Portraits}

This past weekend, I traveled to the rustic, secluded Sapelo Island to photograph 3 month old Little Miss I and her family.  She is already breaking hearts, out when she's old enough to date!

I'm excited to see Miss I again next month when I photograph her christening.

Stay tuned for images from the rest of my day on beautiful Sapelo Island!

May 14, 2010

Follow Me...while I'm waiting

It's Friday again, and that means two things: interning as a photographer / photo editor at Great Southern Publishers on Saint Simons Island and Follow Me Fridays at the Trendy Treehouse blog.  While I'm waiting for my metadata to upload (that's geeky photog/computer speak), I thought I'd blog a little.

Trendy Treehousers: You can also "follow" me on my Facebook fan page - Jennifer Leigh Photography.

I just found out some great news about one of my photos being used for a mailer publication.  Will share later when I have more details!

The weather in this corner of the world is supposed to be beautiful, which will be perfect for the 4 shoots I have lined up!  Have a wonderful weekend - I hope it's sunny where you are.


May 12, 2010


As you can see, it's after midnight in my corner of the world, and I am still awake.  This has become the norm as of late, due to putting in a full work week at the office, interning once a week, and building my photography business.  I really can't complain - I'm realizing my dream of owning my own business and being a photographer.  But when I clock in sometimes 80+ hours a week of working, it begins to take a toll on my health (I get the "You look tired" a lot), my sanity (5 hours of editing sand gnats out of photos can do a number on ya), and most importantly, my family.  I don't have a laptop, so I pretty much live in the home office after dinner until way past Jason's bedtime.  I get visits from Jason, MacKenzie, and Dash.  Dash sits next to my chair and sighs and growls and whines very loud in disapproval.  Yes, yes, Dash Doodle, Mama needs to go to bed.  It's become a cycle, really.  I'm so lucky to have a fiance who is very supportive of my dreams and career goals, and without him, I'm not sure if I would stay as motivated as I have been for the past 5 months.  (Thanks, bub.)   

So what am I saying here?  I'm not exactly sure I know, but it was meant to be thoughtful and insightful and all that crap which is not forming well in my brain at this hour.  I guess I am simply going to tell you that I'm allowing myself to let my blog run loose for a while so that I can make more time for the people (see the aforementioned creatures) and things (sleep, food, potty breaks, maybe a shower) that are important.  Don't get me wrong, the photo shoots are still coming in (4 this weekend!) and that means much editing to do.  But I'm going to allow myself to not feel pressed to update my blog...or my Facebook fan page, at that...for a little while, discover where I am frivolously wasting time during the day (guilty of too much surfing other photogs' FB sites), and see if I can't make some more time for the other really good stuff in my life. 

So see you soon...but not too soon.  I promise that when I return, I'll bring with me some good news and some even better images.


May 11, 2010

Roswell Wedding Guide Shoot

This past weekend, I traveled to Atlanta to co-shoot photos for a wedding guide that features vendors and venues from the Roswell, GA area.  This was my first official assignment with Great Southern Publishers, and I had an amazing time.  Brittany did a wonderful job coordinating the events of the day and scoping out beautiful locations for the shoot...and I can't wait to see how her photos turned out!

Here are a few of my favorite shots...  (Left click to enlarge, back arrow to return)

The Roswell wedding guide will come out at the end of the summer.  
Stay tuned for images of the finished product!

May 2, 2010

L & Friends

Two weeks ago, I stepped in last minute to photograph this fun group of girls because their original photographer canceled the morning of the shoot.  These ladies get together at least once a year to visit with each other, and they were a blast to photograph.  After quite the trek to East Beach, the ladies posed both individually and as a group as sun set on the horizon, which always makes for beautiful photographs.  Here are my favorite group shots...