August 31, 2011

Battle-Washington Reunion {Family Portraits - Brunswick, GA }

A two-fold celebration was in order: Momma Washington rang in her 50th birthday with a surprise 1980's-themed party...and all her family gathered to help her celebrate!  I learned that some of these people hadn't seen each other in 20 years, so I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph their reunion the morning after the big shindig.

But where, oh, where, were my clients at the time of their session?

Let's just say some of these folks had a really good time at the party and thought sleep would get in the way of their celebration!  Although we started a little late, everyone but one person showed up...and as tired as they may have been, you never would have known it.  What a fun bunch!! 

The first people to show up was the Battle family, so we photographed them until others made an appearance.

I allowed Mister CJ to pick out a few poses, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do! Isn't he adorable?

Next, it was Miss T's turn to pick out a few poses...and she had a few that instantly came to mind.  Love her!

I adore these kids!

Momma Washington and her handsome hubby!

Momma Washington's daughter, CeShaun, and son-in-law, Joshua.

Dad Washington and the Washington/Holland/Battle boys!

I was honored to meet Grandma!  What a great spirit she has!  Pictured here are 4 generations worth of beautiful ladies...

...followed by 3 generations of handsome men!

Almost the whole group!

We ended our session with a fabulous image of the cousins.

Thank you, Washington and Battle families for one of the most fun sessions I've had.  You know how to have a good time!

August 29, 2011

White {I Heart Faces}

Warning: This is not your typical I Heart Faces photography entry.  Yet it is by far my most favorite image I have submitted. 

When I showed up at the hospital on this particular morning, I had no idea I would fall head over heels in love with birth photography, but that is exactly what happened.  I found myself loving documenting every contraction, the details of the room, the pain, the overwhelming joy and the miracle of life. 

One of my favorite moments was standing from behind the hospital bed, photographing the faces of the ones encouraging this Mommy-to-be to "Push!"  Mom couldn't feel what she was pushing, due to the epidural, so her midwife came up with a neat little trick.  She handed Daddy-to-be one end of a white sheet and handed Mommy-to-be the other end.  She told Mom to try to pull Dad onto the bed and told Dad to give some resistance.  This unique game of tug-o-war was so fascinating to watch, and it definitely helped with moving baby much closer to making his world debut.  My favorite part of this image?  Dad's big ole grin in anticipation of meeting his son.

Moments later, the sweetest little boy was born.  And. I. Fell. In. Love. 

August 23, 2011

Mister V's 1-Month Celebration {Lifestyle}

I was in the room when sweet little V popped out into the world.  I was there when he smiled at the first sound of his name 2 days later.  I captured him settling sweetly into his new home on Day 10 of his existence.  And when I was invited to celebrate Mister V's 1-month birthday this weekend, my heart smiled at the sight of him.  What a handsome young man he is turning into!

Photographing birth stories is an amazing honor, one in which I take great care to capture perfectly and with such intimate and loving detail.  But the same is to be said about my lifestyle sessions.  I cannot think of a more perfect setting to photograph a baby and parents than in the places that are most intimate to them: at home, nestled in bed, playing in the nursery, relaxing on the couch, interacting with the pets...  My passion is to capture my clients as they are.  I like to fade away and capture life at home as it happens naturally and in the most beautiful light possible.  No harsh flash, no silly posing, nothing forced...  Your little moments in the making, worth remembering, captured simply and with love. 

If you are interested in making the most of the little moments with your sweet pea, please connect with me!

August 22, 2011

Pet Week {I Heart Faces}

I am a lucky lady to have two four-legged children who have kept a loving, watchful eye on me during the past three weeks.  But this one - MacKenzie - has taken extra-special care of me.  She sleeps by my side, walks cautiously along side of me on my slow treks to the mailbox and back, and has a way of lighting up the room with her infectious smile when she knows I need it most.  How can you do anything but smile back at this face?

August 19, 2011

Creative Photo Assignment {c.p.a.}

I think the secret is out.  Many of you are aware that my life took an abrupt course change 2 weeks ago.  It was quite a shock to my body and mind to go from working two full-time jobs to being forced to rest day in and day out for a while.  But I really can't complain, considering my life is still very, very good.  This is only a short-lived bump in the road!

Despite everything that had happened, after two weeks of resting around the house, I couldn't help but go through photography withdrawal.  (You just can't keep your passion at bay for long!)  But what kind of project could be fresh and appealing from the confines of my home?  I called for some inspiration from some of my favorite photog lady friends - the SOAR Sisters - and they didn't disappoint.  Ajira suggested I snap some photos from where I lay, all of different things.  This was the perfect idea!  I usually am such a technically obsessed photographer, but decided to throw it all out the window.  Bye, bye decisions regarding focus, white balance, ISO, and other relatively important considerations.  The result?  It was freeing and produced images unlike anything I've ever shot.

Kelli suggested I attempt a self portrait.......  I gave that much consideration and decided to give it an honest try.  That was definitely the scariest moment of the day, but I am happy that I took her up on the challenge.  I think it helped to remind to myself that yes, ma'am, I am a kickass chick. 

So what is next?  I've got people and events to photograph, images to edit, portfolios to freshen, and lots of life to live.  I've got myself a huge list of things to do and a promise that I will take them slow.  Oh!  And a wedding to finish planning and attend in a little more than a month.  (My own!)  There is so much to be excited about!  I am a very lucky girl.

August 15, 2011

Mister V - 10 Days Young {Baby}

I recently checked up on Mister V in his home and found him to be doing quite well.  All he does is sleep, eat, and sleep a lot more!  And could you blame him?  He has the most fabulous nursery I have ever seen...I'd want to spend a lot of quality time there, too.  Here are some of my favorite images from my visit with him and his fabulous parents.

I love Mom's fun personality...

Looking forward to spending more quality time with Mister V soon!