August 23, 2011

Mister V's 1-Month Celebration {Lifestyle}

I was in the room when sweet little V popped out into the world.  I was there when he smiled at the first sound of his name 2 days later.  I captured him settling sweetly into his new home on Day 10 of his existence.  And when I was invited to celebrate Mister V's 1-month birthday this weekend, my heart smiled at the sight of him.  What a handsome young man he is turning into!

Photographing birth stories is an amazing honor, one in which I take great care to capture perfectly and with such intimate and loving detail.  But the same is to be said about my lifestyle sessions.  I cannot think of a more perfect setting to photograph a baby and parents than in the places that are most intimate to them: at home, nestled in bed, playing in the nursery, relaxing on the couch, interacting with the pets...  My passion is to capture my clients as they are.  I like to fade away and capture life at home as it happens naturally and in the most beautiful light possible.  No harsh flash, no silly posing, nothing forced...  Your little moments in the making, worth remembering, captured simply and with love. 

If you are interested in making the most of the little moments with your sweet pea, please connect with me!


  1. Exactly how I feel about it Jennifer. One day, let's get our families together and do a shoot exchange! Love these!!