August 14, 2011

Sweet Mister V {Baby}

Allow me to introduce you to the little man who took hold of my heart the day he was born.  I was lucky enough to photograph Mister V's birth story from start to finish, and it simply became the most profound and enjoyable photography experience of my life.  While I won't be allowed to share images from his birth story with you for some time, I did make an excuse to go back to visit him on his 3rd day of existence and photograph him again.  Is this new little family not the most beautiful you've ever seen?

I had no clue that birth photography was going to be something I enjoyed, let alone something I feel is my calling.  If you have a special little someone you're preparing to meet for the first time, and you feel compelled to capture his or her birth story in a profound, artistic and ultra-memorable way, let's connect!

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