August 19, 2011

Creative Photo Assignment {c.p.a.}

I think the secret is out.  Many of you are aware that my life took an abrupt course change 2 weeks ago.  It was quite a shock to my body and mind to go from working two full-time jobs to being forced to rest day in and day out for a while.  But I really can't complain, considering my life is still very, very good.  This is only a short-lived bump in the road!

Despite everything that had happened, after two weeks of resting around the house, I couldn't help but go through photography withdrawal.  (You just can't keep your passion at bay for long!)  But what kind of project could be fresh and appealing from the confines of my home?  I called for some inspiration from some of my favorite photog lady friends - the SOAR Sisters - and they didn't disappoint.  Ajira suggested I snap some photos from where I lay, all of different things.  This was the perfect idea!  I usually am such a technically obsessed photographer, but decided to throw it all out the window.  Bye, bye decisions regarding focus, white balance, ISO, and other relatively important considerations.  The result?  It was freeing and produced images unlike anything I've ever shot.

Kelli suggested I attempt a self portrait.......  I gave that much consideration and decided to give it an honest try.  That was definitely the scariest moment of the day, but I am happy that I took her up on the challenge.  I think it helped to remind to myself that yes, ma'am, I am a kickass chick. 

So what is next?  I've got people and events to photograph, images to edit, portfolios to freshen, and lots of life to live.  I've got myself a huge list of things to do and a promise that I will take them slow.  Oh!  And a wedding to finish planning and attend in a little more than a month.  (My own!)  There is so much to be excited about!  I am a very lucky girl.


  1. Let me try this again...

    I love this post!! I love the peak into your home, your life. I love that you are resting. I am praying for you and for the doctors! So excited for you and all that you have going on!! Your own wedding!! YAY!!!

  2. Jen, your photos are so beautiful! I just love looking at them. I hope you are gaining strength each day and I know (since I've known you since elementary school), you have the drive and ambition to get this all behind you and get to your wedding day! Love and prayers.... Amy Litz

  3. Jenn!!! I LOVE THIS!!! You are so open and giving with your story. Thank you!

  4. God bless you are indeed a "kickass chick"! It's a beautiful photo assignment, giving us a peek into your world while recovering from one of the greatest challenges in your life. Love the pictures, keep 'em coming!

  5. Kickass chick is right! Absolutely adore these! Have been looking at them every day on my phone and for some reason just couldn't see any text or comment! Bah! Now, I'm home and can write you back!! And I'll be posting what I was shooting around the same time too.

    I love your work. I really do. And I ADORE these. I love how intimate each image seems. From the glass of water to the pillows to your light. I love that I could be lying right beside you, seeing and not seeing the very same things.

    Sending you much love. Let me know if you want to skype!

  6. These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! Thank you for sharing them.
    Sending lots of love, prayers, and all-around good vibes!