August 31, 2011

Battle-Washington Reunion {Family Portraits - Brunswick, GA }

A two-fold celebration was in order: Momma Washington rang in her 50th birthday with a surprise 1980's-themed party...and all her family gathered to help her celebrate!  I learned that some of these people hadn't seen each other in 20 years, so I was honored to have the opportunity to photograph their reunion the morning after the big shindig.

But where, oh, where, were my clients at the time of their session?

Let's just say some of these folks had a really good time at the party and thought sleep would get in the way of their celebration!  Although we started a little late, everyone but one person showed up...and as tired as they may have been, you never would have known it.  What a fun bunch!! 

The first people to show up was the Battle family, so we photographed them until others made an appearance.

I allowed Mister CJ to pick out a few poses, and he knew exactly what he wanted to do! Isn't he adorable?

Next, it was Miss T's turn to pick out a few poses...and she had a few that instantly came to mind.  Love her!

I adore these kids!

Momma Washington and her handsome hubby!

Momma Washington's daughter, CeShaun, and son-in-law, Joshua.

Dad Washington and the Washington/Holland/Battle boys!

I was honored to meet Grandma!  What a great spirit she has!  Pictured here are 4 generations worth of beautiful ladies...

...followed by 3 generations of handsome men!

Almost the whole group!

We ended our session with a fabulous image of the cousins.

Thank you, Washington and Battle families for one of the most fun sessions I've had.  You know how to have a good time!

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