June 22, 2011

Gentle Giant {Jacksonville Zoo}

My favorite guy at the Jacksonville Zoo is tall, dark and...silver?  The silverback gorilla is one heck of an amazing creature.  This gentle giant had so many human-like qualities, it was astounding.  At one point, he sat in the corner, folded his arms and seemed to contemplate life.  What a curious creature.  And the forearms!  My goodness, the muscles on this guy!  I loved everything about him.  Check out some of my favorite images from my visit with him.  He was truly a sight to behold.

 One of his chimpanzee friends in a neighboring exhibit, eating some lettuce...   Isn't he sweet?

This guy is pretty handsome, too.  Definitely my favorite ape of the day.  :)

Stay tuned to a few more of my favorite animals from this year's trip to the Jacksonville Zoo!

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