March 15, 2012

Bouquet Bling {Trendy Thursdays}

Looking for ways to accessorize your wedding bouquet?  Here are some trendy ideas for your consideration!

The vintage look is still going strong!  Find a gorgeous vintage brooch to adorn your bouquet's ribbon-wrapped stem to add a little flair.  You can find some amazing pieces at local second-hand stores and estate sales or online at Ebay or Etsy.  Choose any color you can imagine!

From Ebay - L to R: Purple flower $13; Green peacock $14; Blue flowers $24; Pink flower $5

You can also get the vintage look of a brooch and pearls with a custom-designed bracelet from Glamorous Bjoux.  Their bracelets come with a variety of brooches and the strands of pearls can be made for any length to snugly fit your bouquet.
Pictured: Dacey $116

Keeping up with the vintage theme, a combination of pearls, rhinestones and feathers give bouquets an antique feel.

Contact Eplume for custom orders

How charming!  Charms have been adorning bouquets for years.  Choose one that is sentimental to you to customize your wedding bouquet and to wear after your wedding day on a bracelet or necklace.

Remember loved ones...

Commemorate the date...

Show your faith...

Paloma's Tenderness Cross charm - Tiffany & Co. $150

Allergic to all things floral?  Looking to be a little different?  Why not carry one of these unique and stunning custom "bouquets" by Ky Kampfield?  A great idea for you and/or your bridesmaids!

Wedding bouquets are another fun way to add a little customization, a little personality into your wedding day.  Make it special!

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