March 28, 2012

Cecile & Ganten: The Marina {Saint Simons wedding photographer}

Cecile & Ganten may live in Atlanta but they have family, friends and many memories on Saint Simons Island, Georgia.  In fact, they met at Brogen's, where Ganten used to bartend before his real estate days.  Could you blame him for wanting to serve this pretty lady a drink?

I was thrilled that Cecile & Ganten came back to SSI to finalize some wedding plans so that we could have their engagement session!  The first part of their session took place at the local marina.  It was supposed to be a calm, overcast day.  Instead we got a super bright sun accompanying some crazy know, the kind of wind that loves to tangle hair and attempts to knock you over!  No worries, though - Cecile & Ganten handled it like pros.

Here's a sneak peek into the first half of our session.  Aren't they a fun and stunning couple?

Up next: Cecile & Ganten's second part of their engagement session...riding bikes under the live oaks and Spanish moss!

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