February 24, 2010

Bridge Run {Sports}

Saturday, February 20th, was blue skies and warm air for the annual Sidney Lanier Bridge Run in Brunswick, the hardest 5K in the state of Georgia! Over 2000 runners/walkers turned out for the event that benefited the Southeast Georgia Health System's cancer programs. I had a wonderful time capturing everyone's hard work. I was on the southside of the bridge and loved the dynamic views I had. Here are some of my favorite shots of the 1,100+ photos I took that day:

Far ahead of the pack near the 1 mile mark
(His finish time was 17:34!)

D giving me the Hawaii sign

Celebrating 2 miles in

Some runners carried pink ribbons to show support to loved ones who battle/d cancer.

Yes, you are seeing right.
Local firefighters and firefighters from Kentucky ran the race in their full gear!

Look at all the people!
(And by the way, I am standing on the median leaning against a lamppost for balance!)

Shonda informing me that I am standing in the worst spot
(aka on the steep incline going up) to photograph runners! ahahaha!

My friend, Karen (cancer survivor!!) and photog friend, Ricardo


A little love on the bridge.

The U.S. Marshals participated in the event. They were definitely an energetic group and a lot of fun to photograph.

Instructor S. leading the chant

US Marshals chanting back

A group shot with the bridge before the run

This, by far, was my favorite race to photograph. I'll see you next year on the bridge!

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