May 7, 2011

How to Photograph Kids: Rest Breaks and Outtakes with the Lemons Kids

When it comes to photographing kids, I think I've got a good handle on how to operate an hour-long session and still keep everyone's interests alive.  Today's session with the Lemons kids was no different.  With a wide range of ages (6 up to 14) and with 3 out of 4 kids being boys, I went into today's session with a game plan.  I give you my plan of attack, with corresponding images from today's rest breaks and outtakes.

1) Changing locations constantly keeps things fresh and attention alert. 

2) When photographing the kids one-on-one, I photographed the youngest kids first.  And while the older ones were being photographed, I gave the younger ones an artwork assignment, which lead to this:

3) Take lots of mini breaks to loosen up and have fun.  In this case, everyone decided it would be a good idea to throw some old soft vinyl tile pieces at a brick wall.  Why not?!

4) Incorporate the kids' ideas into the shoot.  Mr. J really liked this white bench, and although the backdrop  wouldn't have made this bench work for a group shot, I still took 3 seconds to take his photo while he laid down on it.  The result?  Look at that smile!

5) Allow...even encourage...silliness.

6) My favorite and most important tactic for photographing kids: tell the kids the session is over 15 minutes before it really is.  All of the sudden, those who were fading fast during the last few pictures snapped, spring wildly back to life.  This is the best time to photograph kids, as their personalities are on fire!  Upon announcing today's session was "over," there was...

Karate practice (all four kiddos take karate!)

Gymnastics competitions...

Bench stunts...

And great big genuine smiles...who wouldda thunk it?  (Me!)

So there you have it - some thing to put in your pocket the next time you have to photograph a bunch of fabulous kiddos, as I did today.

Thanks, again, Lemons kids, for having fun with me this morning!  I hope you has as great a time as I did. 

I love what I do!!! 

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  1. Wow Jennifer, these are great!

    This is a shoot which will truly remind the family what the kids were like. Their personalities shine right through!