August 24, 2012

Self Portrait: A Peek Into My Process

I've been so fortunate to meet and photograph many wonderful people every year.  Some of you have wondered what I do while post-processing your images.  I do many technical things when editing, just like any other professional photographer, but I also do something that may be unexpected and unique: I smile.

I smile when I edit your photo session or wedding - from start to finish.  I smile so much, my face aches after a while, so I take a short break...only to return and smile some more.  I smile because the people I photograph make me happy.  I smile because I love knowing I'm creating a memory that my clients will cherish for a lifetime.  I smile because I love what I do.

It's an honor to photograph each and every one of you.  You make me happy, and I thought you should know that my happiness continues long after your session is over.  Thank you for choosing me to be your photographer.  I simply adore you.  xo

*   *   *

Jennifer Leigh Photography is based in Southeast Georgia, but Jen happily travels all over the country photographing true love.  She specializes in weddings and portraits...and will be revealing another exciting specialization of her brand in the next month.

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