November 23, 2009

Lucie, the foster dog

My heart has been with a certain 3-month old shepherd mix puppy since I first laid eyes on her 2 weeks ago. Lucie and her twin sister were kenneled together at the shelter and, I was told, were two peas in a pod. But since her sister's adoption, Lucie has been nothing but very afraid of everyone and everything. She has been taken on two mobile adoptions, including the one this weekend, and shook like a leaf the whole time. My heart went out to her. So I thought that since I was not doing anything on Sunday (yesterday), I would ask to take her home for the day and try to work with her in effort to get her to come around, trust more and just have fun like a puppy should.

The shelter called Sunday morning, said Lucie was still available, and that I was welcome to foster her for a few days. I raced over to pick her up, and as soon as she saw me, she tried to hide under her bed. She did well on the way home in the portable kennel, hugging her toy the whole way.

I took her out and put on the floor in the living room and she was so scared. I slowly walked around the house and she followed me everywhere, but strayed on her own a little, exploring the new surroundings for herself. She found that she could fit nicely under the coffee table, and chose that as her safe haven. Next, we introduced MacKenzie and Dash to her. They sniffed her like crazy, as was to be expected. Lucie dished out many, many kisses to both of them. MacKenzie was unsure of her and kept hiding under the dining table, while Dash was thrilled to get a new playmate, even though he totally overpowered first.

MacKenzie and Dash didn't really know how to play with such a small creature. They tested her out and tried to play rough but then backed off when they realized she was more delicate than they originally thought.

After a bath, Lucie and I went outside and ran around a little, and she really opened up and came alive. She was smiling and jumping around and just letting loose like a puppy should. Later inside, Dash was persistent at trying to get her to play, and in a few hours...she was kicking his butt! In fact, those two resembled a cyclone for much of the day.

Last night, she slept well in her indoor kennel and whined only when she needed to go out to the bathroom. This morning, she followed the dogs out and went to the bathroom with them. She's getting the hang of housetraining but has had a few accidents.

Jason and I felt bad that we had to take her back already this morning, so we decided to keep her for another day/night. However, MacKenzie and Dash are exhausted! Lucie has given them each a dose of their own medicine. MacKenzie, the licker/kisser, is tired of receiving so many kisses from Lucie, and Dash, the instigator, is tired of playing. I think they'd both be happy if she had left today. :) She is also beginning to chew on things and in general, is exploring everything.

Lucie will make someone a wonderful forever friend. If we had more room on our bed, we'd adopt her ourselves. If you're interested let me know! I'll be happy to give you more information on the little furrball.

Beautiful Lucie

Playing tag with me in the backyard

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  1. She sounds so sweet!!! I wish you could keep her too...I hope you find a great home for her :)