January 12, 2010

The Lucie Exchange

After spending a month and a half in our home, the time finally came for our foster dog, Lucie, to meet her new forever family. Lucie spent Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's with us, our favorite part of the year, so she got to enjoy some of her "firsts" with us, such as eating her first piece of turkey, decorating her first Christmas tree, and her first time opening a present.

My friend from high school, Val, and her husband, Pete, adopted Lucie after seeing her photo on my Facebook page.

On Friday, Val and Pete drove down from Ohio and met me in the Atlanta area at the home of our other high school friend, Laura. I hadn't seen either of the girls since I sang in their weddings a while back. While it was fun catching up with them, the focus of the trip was getting Lucie used to her new parents.

She did surprisingly well once we got to Laura's house. She took turns sitting by everyone, but paid particular attention to Val and Pete. After one last night of cuddling, I said goodbye to Lucie, which was hard, even though I know she's going to the best home I could have possibly wished for her. She is so very special to Jason and I, and we are proud to have been the ones who nurtured her into a confident, happy, fun, well-mannered little girl.

The next day, my sadness was replaced with joy when Val posted pictures of Lucie in her new home. She is thriving and loving her new life. The last I heard, Lucie was discovering snow and playing non-stop with her two boys. :) We look forward to seeing the Lucie and the Waite family this June when we all get together again at Laura's house. She will be close to a year old then, and I can't wait to see what a beautiful girl she has turned into.

Another one saved...

Val, Jen & Laura reunited!

Jen & Lucie

Lucie with her new mommy

Giving me a hug a little before we said goodbye

Lucie in her new home with her two new boys!

"Within the heart of every stray lies the singular desire to be loved."

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