January 28, 2010

The Runaway

Last night was quite interesting. We almost ran over a frantic 5-month-old puppy in the parking lot of Taco Bell. Jason and I, of course, stopped. I got out to see if I could get the puppy to come to me. I whistled and he ran up and hopped right into my lap and gave me a few kisses, as if to, "Oh, thank God you are here!" He let me pick him up, and I asked Jason what we should do. The answer: Bring him home, of course! I asked around Taco Bell if anyone lost a dog, and everyone looked at me like I was crazy. So homeward bound we were: Jason, me and one cigarette-smoke smelling, death breath kiss-giving, cute-as-could-be pup.

Our dogs took to him right away, and he seemed to take to them quickly, too. First thing was first...2 baths! He was so thirsty, he drank the water as I gave him the baths. He probably drank a liter of water that night and also scarfed down a bowl of food. He was content with cuddling with me, chewing on a bone, and playing with MacKenzie and Dash. He was very well mannered, quiet and even knew how to sit. He slept through the night in the indoor kennel we keep around for special circumstances such as that and was quiet for most of the night. I think he was just glad to be safe for the night.

This morning, I took him to the shelter, and they scanned him for a microchip. No luck. I left him there to see if his owner would call the shelter looking for him. (I secretly hoped this wouldn't happen because I wanted him for my own!)

Barbara from the shelter emailed me this afternoon:


Jennifer got called out to the IHOP across from Taco Bell to get a “vicious” dog out from under a truck. Sweet black lab, terrified but not mean, he has a chip and belongs in Houston, Tx. He jumped out of the car at the convenience store and was lost. When Jen called the owner it turns out her other dog jumped out too. Guess who? She is coming in this afternoon to pick up both dogs. I guess they have different tastes in food, IHOP & Taco Bell.

Thanks for saving that baby from the traffic.


My doggie had been found! I am so happy for him, even though - admittedly - I'm a little sad for me. I really hope that his owner is a good one (despite her chain-smoking habit!) and will make sure to pay better attention to where her dogs are at all times. But accidents DO happen and dogs DO have minds of their own at times...

Moral of the story? Microchip your dog!

Check out them ears!

Not to sure about being in a strange home at first.

Melt my heart

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