September 16, 2010

Mountain Cabin Getaway {My Life}

It's no secret - since the very beginning of 2010, I have been a working fool.  While working a full-time job at the college, I decided to start my own photography business, intern at a local publishing company as a photographer/photo editor, continue to volunteer most Saturdays with Glynn County Animal Services as a volunteer dog photographer, and now I am also rehearsing to perform the role of Gladys in a local musical production of The Pajama Game.  Add in there the passing of someone very close to me and my middle sister's beautiful wedding, and it's been a very full year.  While I am not complaining by any means - I am super blessed to have had much continued success in all avenues and many wonderful opportunities - I have definitely been running myself hard.

So when Jason and I booked our upcoming vacation, it was the breath of sanity I had been needing to keep me on course!

Coming up in a few months, we are packing up the dogs in the truck and driving to a beautiful cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains, where we will sleep in, lounge around, take some leisurely strolls on the mountain trails, build fires in the wood-burning fireplaces on the deck and in the living room, sip some wine, and completely relax.  Ahh...just typing all of that has got me in a comfortable state.  I cannot wait - this is just the thing I / we have been needing!

Our cabin is rented out by Blue Sky Cabin Rentals.  They are highly recommended and have excellent customer service. Their cabins are pet-friendly, they do not charge extra for four-legged family members, and pet beds and food dishes are supplied, also at no additional cost.  And...the cabins are INCREDIBLE!  Check them out for yourself. 

So as I face a few more very hectic next months, I feel much better knowing that just on the horizon is the vacation of my dreams.  Check back for images from our retreat!

(Photo: Blue Sky)

(Photo: Bev Edukabo)

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