September 20, 2010

Purple Cowboy - Gonzalez/Schott Wedding

Two weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the Gonzalez-Schott wedding in Grayslake, Illinois, 40 minutes north of Chicago.  This wedding was, by far, the best wedding I have ever attended.  Part of what made it so fun was the western theme.  Jeffery planned much of the wedding himself and went extra lengths to put a little bit of western into many of the details of the day, and my favorite was the bottles of Purple Cowboy wine.  As soon as I laid eyes on a bottle during the set-up of the reception hall, I grabbed it and began photographing it from every angle and with multiple backgrounds.  (When I like something, you can tell by how many pictures I take of it.  Case in point - see my blog entry about the sunflowers from this wedding.)

I'll spare you the dozen images I have of this bottle, but I thought sharing a few wouldn't hurt.

Oh, and by the way, the wine is good, too.


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