February 24, 2011

The Carpenters {I Heart February Session}

Meet Brittany and Dustin.  Brittany asked Dustin to partake in a {IHF} session as her Valentine's Day gift, and he agreed.  (Brownie points for Dustin!)  These two tried to fool me by telling me at the start of the session that they weren't photogenic.  What liars!

I loved the special cameo appearance by the furry four-legged children at the end of the session.  Aren't they so cute?  (Yes, that includes B & D.)

Click on an image to enlarge (best view), back arrow to return.


Psst...  Guys...  The letters are...  Oh, nevermind.  This was too precious not to shoot!

That's more like it!

Enter the special guest stars...the Carpenter kids!

What an incredibly fun session!  February is almost over - book your {I Heart February} session...before it's too late!

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