January 16, 2012

Golden Isles Magazine - Wedding Feature!

2012 is proving to be amazing already!  I have been honored with so many wonderful wedding photography inquiries from brides across the country and have booked several in the past few weeks.

A few of my local brides mentioned they saw an article about me and my own wedding in the current edition of the Golden Isles Magazine, which prompted them to seek out my wedding photography services.  They were correct - that IS me in the magazine!  I was so very honored to had been asked for an interview for GIM's Real Wedding article for this year's bridal edition of the mag.  And what a beautifully written article it is, thanks to Amy Carter!

So what is it about this article that is attracting brides to the girl behind Jennifer Leigh Photography?  I think it's pretty simple.  Besides being a really good wedding photographer, this article revealed I'm also a recent bride and a real person.  Brides are loving those things about me.  They know I can relate to them in front of the camera just as well as from behind the camera.  Did I procrastinate in planning my own wedding?  Yes, ma'am!  Did I freak out a little right before I walked down the aisle?  You betcha!  I was able to get into their shoes (mine were sparkly gold flats, by the way) and see first-hand what my brides go through on their big day.  Yes, I wrote the whole ceremony at 3:15am two nights before the wedding.  Yes, I didn't get some of my craft projects done in time for the wedding day, which didn't matter in the end.  And yes, I danced down the aisle to Colbie Caillat's "I Do"...because simply walking down the aisle just isn't my style.  :)  It was a day that dreams are made of.  I loved everything about being a bride, and I love reliving that feeling every time one of my brides are beginning the same new chapter in their book of life.

Brides are also loving the fact that I'm a real person.  As this article points out, life handed me a few big curve balls last year.  But did that keep me down?  Heck, no!  In fact, just 3 weeks after my brain biopsy, I was back in action photographing weddings every weekend for the next several weeks...and I loved every moment!  I bounced back to my usual self, feeling not only 100% but 300% of the person I was before this mysterious, fluke attack on my brain...and I am so lucky my doctors have found that my body is just as healthy as my mind.  Looking back, I think that experience was a test of my faith and my inner strength.  Mind over matter.  I feel like I've been given a second chance to make this life even better than what it was before, not just for me, but for everyone around me.

So what is next for the new Mrs. Jennifer Leigh Tacbas?  She moves forward with a big, cheesy grin on her face and an extra spring in her step.  She follows her dreams with her camera in tow.  And she sets out to capture the special moments that make life worth living, for her brides and grooms and for herself.

Life looks a little different, a little brighter these days, a little more special.  Allow me to show you the world as I see it, through my eyes...my lens.  Allow me help turn your life's special moments into ones you will cherish for always.  It would truly be my honor.

An extra special thank you to all the vendors who helped me to make my wedding day an amazing one!

My gorgeous Casablanca gown: Diane and staff at Lady In White http://www.ladyinwhitebridal.com 
Jason's amazing linen suit: Mark at Spaulding's Fine Menswear http://www.spauldingsfinemenswear.com
Hair: James at Image Artisans Studios http://imageartisansstudio.com
Flowers: Monica of Summer Blooms in North Canton, Ohio 
Wedding branding, invitations and programs: Brittany Carpenter http://www.brittanycarpenter.com
Wedding photography (my awesome assistants!): Brittany Carpenter and Sarah Simmons
Videography: Dustin Carpenter, friend of the bride and groom
Chair and table rental for ceremony site: Rent All of Glynn http://www.rentallpartyshop.com
Ceremony site: Private residence of Barbara Mueller, friend of the bride & groom
Ceremony music: Chris Roper, friend of the bride and groom
Reception site: Elizabeth and staff at Zachry's Seafood and Steak http://www.zachrys-restaurant.com

And, of course, a huge thank you to our 35 guests who traveled from Georgia, Ohio, New York, California & Hawaii.  Our day would haven't have been complete without our closest family and friends.  We adore you!

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