July 13, 2012

Faces at Glynn County Animal Services {Brunswick, GA animal shelter}

As many of you know, I am a dog lover and an animal advocate at heart.  I believe in adopting, not buying.  I believe in spaying & neutering.  I believe animals should be kept indoors, not used as lawn ornaments.  I believe irresponsible animal owners are responsible for their animal's actions, not the animal.  I believe that every breed of dog has the right to live. 

The first 3+ years of my life here in Georgia were spent volunteering regularly for Glynn County Animal Services as a dog photographer.  (I'm allergic to cats.)  My goal was to increase the online exposure of the dogs and help them to find home quicker.  I loved traveling to the shelter's mobile adoption fairs and taking the dogs' photos, meeting prospective adopters, and educating people about the amazing animals residing at the shelter.

But when I pursued my passion for photography and started my own business, my specialization in weddings and portraits prevented me from participating in the mobile adoption fairs, and as my business success increased, I was forced to take a break from volunteering altogether.  (I wish I had two bodies!)

Last week, I decided to pay the shelter's mobile adoption fair, its animals and its employees/volunteers a visit.  I was greeted by a handful of lovable, furry faces, just waiting to find their forever homes, and in the meantime, just loved all the attention they were receiving by visitors.

Here are some of the faces I met, and they may still be available.  If you see an animal that pulls on your heartstrings, there will be another mobile adoption fair tomorrow, Saturday, July 14, at Pet Supplies Plus in Brunswick, Georgia.  You can also reach the shelter at 912.554.7500.  Ask for Barbara or Patty.  They can only bring limited animals to the mobile adoptions fairs, but to see *all* the current shelter residents, be sure to check out the shelter's website at www.glynncountyanimals.org and click on the Adoptable Animals link.









And now for some faraway shots of kittens and cats, so I didn't turn into allergy central.  Names were not listed on their crates.  Please contact the shelter for more information.

Please remember to *ADOPT* your next pet.  You make a forever friend and save a life in the process!

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