October 13, 2010

Falling in Love with Fall

Oh, how I LOVE this time of year.  Growing up in northeast Ohio meant trips to the pumpkin patch and apple orchard, fresh apple cider and fritters, walking down the street with the fallen leaves crunching beneath my feet, and trees stretching their arms wide with changing colors.

Since we moved to southeast Georgia almost 3 years go, my idea of Fall has had to change.  While I still long for pumpkins that don't come from a parking lot, I am thankful for 75° weather during the whole season, enjoy crisp mornings on the beach with my family, and laugh at the memories of Trick-or-Treating in my winter coat while walking from house to house in the snow.  (And seriously...how was anyone supposed to know what I was dressed as if I had to wear my damn coat?!  Oh, the troubles of a 3rd grader...)

Although Fall is different here in the South, I still love it and all that the season brings.  This is the beginning of my favorite time of year - October through New Year's - and I am so glad to have it return once again.

To celebrate, here are a few pictures of Mother Nature's way of telling me Fall has arrived in the South.  Be sure that this will be the first of many images, so stay tuned the blog!

 Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy all that there is to love about this season.  Big hugs!


  1. WOW!! These are so beautiful!! Especially the grass in the sunlight. It would work perfectly for the photography challenge on my blog :) The theme this week is "light"!

    p.s. LOVE your profile pic. SO cute :)