October 4, 2010

Jessica {Portraits}

I had an amazing time with Jessica during her photo shoot today!  We traveled all around downtown Darien on foot, scouring for some unique places to shoot her portraits...and we were not disappointed with what we found!  I think it's my new favorite place for photography.

I've always been a fan of deteriorating or textured surfaces as backdrops for portraits.  Something about taking the old and worn and turning it into something beautiful makes me happy.  I think it satisfies the artsy side of my personality.  You've got the past and the present in one image.  How cool is that?  I guess you could say that this is one aspect of my style.

Jessica was game to pose in front of all kinds of backdrops, and she was the perfect model!  I can't wait for her to see her images - I love every one.

To view more images from this session, visit Jennifer Leigh Photography on Facebook.

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