October 28, 2010

MacKenzie Turns 4!

Any holiday is big in our house...and doggie birthdays are no exception!

MacKenzie turned 4 yesterday!  Her first year I bought her a doggie cake from a local barkery (yeah, I said barkery).  That was a little extreme, as I had never pictured myself spending $15 on a bone-shaped cake for my dog before.  For her 2nd and 3rd birthdays, I baked her favorite treat - peanut butter banana oat bars with honey.  This year, we were a little short on time, so Jason bought cupcakes...human-style.  This went over very well with the MacKenzie and Dash!

And what comes after cake?  Presents, naturally.  Each dog gets a new toy and they both get treats on a doggie birthday.  (By the way, as I'm proof reading this, I realize I sound a little ridiculous.)  Then its play time!

The smiley birthday girl

Devouring cupcakes

Clean-up patrol

MacKenzie giving her present the smell test

What did I get?!

Dash loving his new floppy elephant toy

 Checking to see if maybe there was anything else in the bag

Right after the birthday celebration, we continued the holiday festivities by carving our pumpkins!  Stay tuned for images of that process...

Happy 4th Birthday, MacKenzie!  You're Mama's favorite girl.

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