December 19, 2011

Mister V - The First 5 Months {Birth & Lifestyle}

What I love most about being a birth & lifestyle photographer is being able to capture the story of a little human in the making with my camera.  And that is exactly what I've been able to do with sweet Mister V.  Included below are a few never before seen images on his birth day all the way up to our lifestyle session in his home last week.  He is growing so fast and is turning into such a handsome little man full of personality.  He melts my heart each and every time I have the honor of photographing him.

This, my friends, is what photography is all about.  For me, being able to capture a moment in time for my clients to hold dear and cherish for years to come is my passion and a privilege.  I get to create those images.  I get to become a part of my clients' lives in this amazing way.  Little ones grow up so fast.  One day they will have children of their own.  And Mister V's parents will have images like the ones below to look back on and use to reminisce about years past.  Being a photographer is so much more than taking pictures - it's about creating memories.  And it is my honor to do so.

May you always smile so willingly and love so deeply in 30 years as you do now, little one.  I'm looking forward to watching you grow into an amazing young man.

Mister V...just minutes old...

Mister V on Day 3 of life...the day he received his name...

Mister V...10 days old, at home, during his first lifestyle session...

Mister V...1 month old...

Mister V...3 months old...and growing up so fast!

Happy 5 Month Birthday, Mister V!

If you are interested in having your baby's story captured in this manner, I hope you will give me the honor of doing so for you.  Please contact me at 912.222.8369 or  I'm looking forward to giving you your very own images you will surely treasure for a lifetime.

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  1. It is an honor, isn't it? And your captures are honorable....lovely!