December 13, 2011

Pets - I Heart Faces

Update: This image won 9th place of the Top 10 picks in this week's contest!  Not bad out of 451 entries!

Every Fall, we open up our home to a four-legged friend in need.  Two years ago, we fostered Lucie, a puppy who is now happily living in Ohio with her awesome forever family.  Last year, a local stray named Enzo found his way into our hearts, and we were happy to place him in my sister and brother-in-law's home in Ohio, where he is the center of attention and their world.

This year, we adopted a puppy named Ya Ya, who was dumped at a local shelter by her family.  We adopted her to save her from euthanization and vowed to find her the amazing forever home she deserves.  Ohio seems to be our go-to place (did I mention we live in Georgia?), but we would go to the end of the Earth to find her the perfect family.  Until then, we've been able to train her up, give her lots of love that she deserves, and show her how fun the holidays can be.

This image was taken the second day Ya Ya was in our home. To me, this image depicts Ya Ya seeing her new home, her new chance at life, through her big, beautiful, brown eyes.


  1. Gasp! Seriously. This is stunning!

    Thanks for your comment on mine. ;)

  2. I know this face. He's thinking "squirrel"! :)
    Great shot!

  3. What a beautiful dog. : ) Thank you for making a difference in the world. I love people like you! Congratulations on being a winner at I heart faces this week.

  4. beautiful. i love the close-up shot and seeing all the detail in the face. congratulations! :-)

  5. Thanks, everyone! What a nice surprise this was today! She is one beautiful pup!

  6. Yay! Congratulations! Beautiful shot! She is a beautiful pup and I would love to know what she is thinking in the photo.