November 15, 2011

A Home for Ya Ya

Two weeks ago, we took in a pup from a local shelter in hopes that we could find her a home.  Many of you Ooh'd and Ahh'd, but forever home for Ya Ya!  While we love her to pieces, we are not able to make this home her permanent home...but we ARE preparing her for the lucky home that will become her forever home.

After two weeks with us, here is what we have found out about Ya Ya:

* She is 5.5 months old.
* She LOVES other dogs.
* She LOVES to play with toys...and if our dogs aren't feeling frisky at that particular moment, she will squeek the toys right off their foreheads to get their attention.  Her tactics work every time.  hahaha
* She LOVES the outdoors.
* She can play fetch!  (We didn't teach her that!)
* She surprisingly likes to take showers!

Ya Ya is a super fast learner, and we've been working on some commands.  In two weeks' time, here is what we taught her:

* She sits on command with verbal and hand signals or just hand signals alone.
* She sits without command when you are getting her a treat.
* She takes her chew sticks to her bed, which is where we have taught all our dogs to eat treats.
* SHE IS HOUSE-TRAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (You are so very welcome.)

What we are still working on:

* She is doing so much better on a leash during walks.
* She has almost learned the command to release a toy from her mouth.

And if all THAT doesn't sell you on her, there here are some ridiculously cute new photos of her...

She may look tall here, but she's only knee-high...and I'm 5'5".

If you are interested in Ya Ya, please contact me at 912.222.8369 or, and I'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.  If you would like to adopt her, I will put you in touch with the shelter from which she came, and they will complete your adoption paperwork with you. Ya Ya comes with all her puppy shots, a spay, a microchip and a certificate for a free rabies shot...all for $50.  

Did I mention she's house-trained? Oh, I did??  My mistake.  ;)

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