November 15, 2011

Kim & Marvis {Family Portraits}

Meet Kim and her son, Marvis!  I must admit - at first, I wasn't sure just how into this session Marvis was going to go.  But after the first 5 minutes, two things were clear: Kim and Marvis have an amazingly awesome bond...and Marvis is the sweetest, most fun 13-year-old I have ever met!  He was quick to get in on helping me pick out some poses for his mom and him - and all of them were great!  (New Jennifer Leigh Photography assistant in the making?)

Enjoy a sneak peek into the awesomeness that took place during this shoot.  And thank you to this dynamic duo for supporting my Images for a Cure campaign, in which 100% of their session fee was donated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

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