June 25, 2012

The C Family {Saint Simons Island portrait photographer}

I recently had the pleasure of photographing this wonderful family, who had traveled to Saint Simons Island for the week. 

During our session, I found out that Dad proposed to Mom about 11 years ago on the boardwalk onto the beach, so naturally, we had to take a few photos there!

But the real stars of the show?  Mister T & Miser B.  Aren't they so adorable?  At the end of our session, when they lost interest in me after discovering the model cannon, I went along with it and quickly found myself in full play mode.  Did you know that the cannon shoots imaginary fire?  Yep...I was tricked into standing in front of the cannon several times and was set on fire each time.  Luckily, they had brought along with them some imaginary water so they could put out the flames on my arm.  And luckily they weren't paying attention to the fact that I kept snapping away with my camera because I caught some great close-ups of them.

Thank you, C Family, for a wonderful session.  It was my pleasure to photograph - and play along with - you!

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