June 20, 2012

Striving to Do Things Right {My Life}

While it seems like forever ago to me, it's only been about two weeks since my last photography-related post on my blog.  There are several reasons for the pause but no words of my own have been able to explain the need for this temporary pause like this quote I stumbled upon by Jason Fried:

This is exactly where I am in my life right now - in my personal life and in my business life.  There are so many new and wonderful things happening in my world right now, that I've had to take a few weeks to really slow down, reaccess, and reshape what I want my present and future to be.

The first big change was announced about week ago to my family and close friends, then revealed here on the JLP blog - I'm a mommy in the making!  After losing a pregnancy around this time last year, I have been taking extra time to fulfill what my body needs.  And it apparently has needed rest!  My business has soared over the last year to incredible heights, that I have been moving full steam ahead and really haven't stopped.  (Ask my awesome, supportive husband!)  I knew I would need a breather eventually, but when this baby began to grow, my body decided that my time of rest needed to be right then.  I've been happy to oblige because I know my growing little human is getting everything that he or she needs.  But even with all the fatigue over the past few weeks and the morning/afternoon sickness, growing this human right is my first priority...and I'm in love with it.

And can I please take a moment to say that I have THE BEST CLIENTS EVER?!  Not only have they been so supportive of my temporary slow down, they are super excited and supportive of me and this baby we have yet to meet!  Some of my brides have offered to throw me baby showers and have sent me cards, some of my clients have given me baby books and awesome pregnancy tips, and others often leave me emails and texts inquiring about how baby and I are doing.  I love, love, love my clients-turned-friends for all their love and support.  You have no idea how much you mean to me!  (Hint: It's a whole heck of a lot!)

The other big changes in my life are business-related.  I'm doing a little revamping of my business - some of which you will see in the upcoming weeks and some of which are completely behind the scenes.  I'm always moving forward, always looking to do things better, always dreaming up new ways to use my passion of photography.  The biggest obvious change in my business?  Very soon, I will finally get to reveal an exciting, new element of the Jennifer Leigh Photography brand!  (When it's ready to be announced, you will know because I'll be using a megaphone.)  Change, to me, is always good, when it is well thought out and feels right.  And all the tweaks happening now and in the future at JLP are just that.

So, thank you, Jason Fried, for your perfect quote that not only sums up to me my reasons for my recent slowdown, but helps me to best explain my reasons to others.  I, quite simply, am striving to do things right.

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