June 26, 2012

Rosemary & Edmond {Jekyll Island wedding photographer}

Back in March, Rosemary and Edmond contacted me regarding a portrait session in preparation for a few big milestones.  The two lovebirds have known each other for 35 years and are coming up on their 8th wedding anniversary!  I loved hearing the story about how the couple got engaged and followed it up soon after with a small wedding in front of the justice of the peace - there was no waiting around because they wanted to hurry up and become husband and wife!  Since they didn't get the full wedding experience almost 8 years ago, they are currently planning on renewing their vows and turning it into quite the event!

After having to reschedule our session a few times, I was so happy to finally meet up with Rosemary and Edmond.  We met on Jekyll Island on the most beautiful day so far this year, and I had a really wonderful time chatting it up with them and taking photos at some of my favorite places on the island.  I loved that these two were up for anything, including practicing for their first dance they look forward to sharing at their vow renewal.  It was a pleasure to photograph two people so deeply in love.

I was so thrilled to recently receive a message from Rosemary, who felt I outdid myself and truly loves each and every one of the images in her web gallery.  Here's a sneak peek into the time the three of us spent together.  It was an honor to share in this wonderful time in Rosemary and Edmond's life journey together.  I cannot wait for the vow renewal!

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