December 14, 2009

Hallmark Institute of Photography

I had my phone interview with Brooke, an admissions rep from the Hallmark Institute of Photography in MA. I spent an hour on the phone discussing my passion for photography and allowing Brooke the opportunity to get to know me and what makes me tick. It was her job to decide if I had the right personality, determination and talent to not only survive Hallmark's very prestigious, 10-month intensive training program, but thrive.

After looking at workshops, training programs and colleges around the country, Hallmark was the only program I felt would give me the complete skills I need to become the best photographer I can be and run a successful photography business. They teach you everything - from different genres of photography (wedding, portrait, advertising, nature, aerial, medical) to post-production work to learning how to start and manage a business. Check it out for yourself - Every week, I receive another email regarding what the students are learning that week, and it is absolutely insane how amazing their opportunities are.

At the end of the interview, Brooke said she really liked me and thought I had what it took to succeed at Hallmark, and would be referring me and my profile to the dean for review. After I submit more paperwork to Brooke this week, I should hear something next week.

So realistically, do I expect to get accepted to the school? They only accept 200-250 students a year, so it is also relatively difficult to get into the program. However, I thought it was worth a shot to see if they thought I had what it took to be a Hallmark student. And if I do get accepted, do I think I'll be going to the school? Unless a small financial miracle came down from the heavens, probably not. (Guess I should start buying lottery tickets now.) If it's meant to be, it will be. Brooke asked me if I didn't get accepted into Hallmark, would I still pursue photography, and I answered immediately with a "yes." I may have to do all the research and work on my own instead of at a fancy-schmancy institute, but one way or the other, I'm ready to work hard and turn my love of photography into a successful business.

Do you think they sell lottery tickets at this time of night?

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  1. Good luck...when you get accepted, you will find a way to make it would be too good of an opportunity to pass up :)