December 3, 2009

Mission Accomplished!

I am very happy to announce that Lucie, our foster pup, has already found a loving forever home with my friend, Val, and her family in Ohio! Val and I were friends in high school through show choir, and I sang in both her and her sister's weddings. Val and husband, Pete, have 2 young boys, one of which has been begging for a dog for some time now.

Val had seen my photos of Lucie on my Facebook page and fell in love with her when she viewed a photo of me holding Lucie by my Christmas tree.

Lucie will be traveling to her new home in Ohio shortly after Christmas. While I fell in love with her, I am so excited she has found the perfect forever home with a good friend, and I am very excited that I will be able to watch her grow up! Lucie's adoption feels like Christmas came early

If you are interested in adding a furry friend to you family this holiday season, consider adoption instead of buying at a pet store or online. Check out my friends at Glynn County Animal Services at or check out a shelter near you on You will not only find your perfect family addition, you will also be saving a life.

Jen and Lucie with her first Christmas tree

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