December 30, 2009

Lights, Camera, Action!

Yesterday, I had my first commercial shoot for my new advertising agency, and I had an absolute blast! My agency flew me to their studio in Atlanta, and we shot 10 commercials in 2 hours, which was way more than they thought I would get through. (I worked my rear off and had an easy time with lines, thanks to the teleprompter!) My agency gave me the royal treatment all day, and everyone at the studio was great to work with. I was especially happy that I had a hair and makeup tech follow me around all day, so my day was as stress-free as possible. On the way back to the airport that afternoon, my agent said he was thrilled with the work I had done and thinks I will get clients right off the bat. I flew home that evening and was glad to have had such a successful day.

The next step in the process is for the editors to create commercials from the footage we shot. We shot the commercials in front of a green screen so the editors can insert various rolling footage behind me. Once the commercials are complete, the agency will shop the commercials around to their clients. If a client wants to use one of my commercials, they will edit the commercial to include the agency's company logo and contact information and release it to the television station/s on which the client wants the commercial to air. (To answer one person's question: The agency's clients are scattered around the country, so there is no chance of two clients in the same location airing my commercials against each other.)

If a client uses my likeness (commercial or billboard ad) during a particular month, they will have to pay me a royalty fee. So if several clients use my material during a particular month, I will have the chance of making some great money on work I have already done!

Keep your fingers crossed that my commercials will be used and that the clients see a jump in sales...that will mean even more rewards.

Stay tuned - my agency is writing a commercial for me in which I will sing!

2010 is already looking good...

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