December 15, 2009


I found this scanned photograph of me at age 3. This photograph carries several thoughts with it. It was taken during a time when life was careless and the most important things were Sunkist fruit roll-ups, Minute Maid orange juice bars, homemade Kool-Aid popsicles, mud pies, painting the house with water and large paint brushes, fishing, my dog, Babe, cul-de-sac block parties, and seeing how long I could stay outside to play during the long, humid days of summer in Ohio before I had to come in for bath time.

Do you ever wish you could go back to a time like that...even just for a moment or two?

Jenny, age 3


  1. Painting the house with water! I so did that! Amazing site, Jen


  2. You did?!? That's awesome! A few years ago, I realized why my mom liked that the neighborhood kids and I did this activity all the time - free labor and a free house wash!