June 11, 2010

Fix-It Friday - Susan & Son

I'm trying something new in addition to Follow Me Fridays @ Trendy Treehouse...  I Heart Faces has come up in several conversations with friends, and although I'm usually super busy on Fridays working at the publishing company, I made some time for it this evening.

Each Friday, talented photogs from around the globe download the image of the week, edit it to their liking, and share it with the other photogs.  Not only is it inspirational to view others' work, but I get to make new friends in the process!  Talk about a win-win situation!

This week's photo is a self portrait of Susan and her son.  I hope you enjoy my edit!


Edited to my liking

See you next week...if time permits!

1 comment:

  1. I adore your edit... one of my faves of the day! Well done! And your photos are gorgeous too!