August 14, 2010

Altamaha Apiaries

This week's "words" photo challenge over at Mama Heart's blog inspired me to edit the images I took of the Altamaha Apiaries in Gardi, Georgia.

The building was built in 1900 and originally served as a post office and general store.  It was later bought by a family who started a honey business.  I've driven by it a few times but made it a point to stop when the wisteria was in full bloom this past spring.  I love everything about this charming deteriorating structure, especially all of the little details you find when you walk up close to it.

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My entry:

Other "wordy" images and details about the building that I just adore:

Love, Love, Love this one!


 Thank you for the inspiration to finally edit these photos!



  1. Great shots - the first one looks like a painting!

  2. Jennifer Leigh! I just stickin' LOVE this series. mad love. wish they were mine...kinda love! are you goint to sell them? are they high-res...can they be put on canvas? ok...(: I will you to email details to

  3. Just emailed you, Nikki. Thanks for the interest!