October 7, 2011

Announcing: 2011 Images For A Cure Sessions at JLP

It's that time again!  I am beyond thrilled to be one of approximately 250 photographers WORLDWIDE teaming up with Images for a Cure to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!  This is my second year participating in the IFAC campaign, which raised over $15,000 last year!

Without further ado, I give you Jennifer Leigh Photography's 2011 IFAC mini session schedule!

Sound amazing, right?  So you may be wondering...how exactly does this work?  Here are a few facts about the Images for a Cure campaign at Jennifer Leigh Photography:

1. Session Fee - There is a session fee of $30, which covers my time and talent at your 15-minute mini session, as well as post-production editing.  100% of the session fee will be donated by YOU to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the Images for a Cure fund-raising website called FirstGiving.

After you book your session, I will give you the IFAC FirstGiving website to go and make your donation.  You will pay for your session with a debit or credit card on this website BEFORE you come to your session.  Email me your receipt or print it out and bring it to your session to confirm payment was received by Images for a Cure.  Here are 2 screen shots of what the website will ask of you.

First, you will enter $30.00 as your donation amount.  You will type in your name as your Display Name.  For your comment, please type in Jennifer Leigh Photography.  Your display name and comment will help keep the IFAC organizer, Kristen Weaver, informed about all the awesome donations JLP clients are making!

Scrolling down on the same page, you will enter your email address, where a receipt will be emailed, your name, debit/credit billing address, and your payment information.  When you're done, click the "Continue" button at the bottom of the page.

You will then check and confirm your information and submit your donation.  The last page will be your receipt.  You can print that out and bring it to your session as proof of payment OR you can simply forward me your payment confirmation email to jenniferleighphotos@yahoo.com.

2. Dates, Times & Locations: General information about the session dates and locations are listed on the JLP announcement poster, but I'm sure you'd like some more specific info about this stuff, am I right?  You've come to the right place!

Dates...  There are many exciting events happening around the Golden Isles during October & November, not to mention a few holidays!  I've picked 3 weekends that are fairly low key amidst the busy Fall schedule in order to make it more convenient for you and/or your families to have your portraits taken.  But if you are ridiculously busy, I could possibly be persuaded to give you an alternate date/time that works better for you.  Just ask!

Times...  I'm sure you've noticed there are no times listed on the announcement poster.  I'm pretty much leaving the schedule up to you.  We know that we're limited to certain hours of daylight nowadays, and even more so as the year goes on.  I'm currently booking sessions from 9am - 4pm on the dates given to utilize the best natural light the sun has to offer us this Fall.  While sessions are 15 minutes in length, I'll be booking the session in half hour increments - 9:00am, 9:30am, 10:00am and so on.  Please note that the first people who call to book sessions are the first to get dibs at the prime session times.  Sessions are sure to fill up fast so don't wait long to book yours!

Locations...  I love all the amazing outdoor locations the Golden Isles has to offer, don't you?  The locations selected will make great backdrops for your images!

Downtown Brunswick - One of my favorite locations in which to shoot! (Shoot photographs, that is!)  There are a crazy amount of interesting and beautiful locations in which to utilize during your session...all within a block or two!  Brick walls, distressed building exteriors, park benches, fountains, big live oak trees, stairs, interesting doorways...the list goes on and on.  There is something for everyone down here.

Jekyll Island - Can you say, "Gorgeous!?"  It's hard to pick only two locations for these sessions, but we've got 'em!  The mornings will be devotes to portraits on Driftwood Beach.  Water...sand...gorgeous, artistic ruins of live oaks...all beautiful and perfect for session backdrops!  The afternoon sessions will be held on the grounds of the Jekyll Island Club Hotel and surrounding areas.  Gardens, a boardwalk, amazing historic structures...there is a lot of variety here.  I love it all!

 Saint Simons Island - Another beautiful island just waiting for you!  Saturday will be spent on the beautiful grounds of Epworth by the Sea with its avenue of live oaks, little hidden park benches, stone steps, a gorgeous fountain and much more!  Sunday will be spent in the sweet little Pier Village area.  What's not to love about the little beach, the newly remodeled pier, numerous eclectic shops, a gorgeous park and that fabulous lighthouse?  We can make it all happen in 15 minutes!  (A little birdie secret - this will be my first time promoting sessions in Pier Village...and I'm super excited about it!  Now that the pier,park and lighthouse are restored, it's time to utilize all the fabulous locations Pier Village has to offer!)

3. How do I get my pictures?  Great question!  A week after your session, you will be able to view your session's 10 best images, all edited and ready to go, in a private web gallery.  I'll email you the link to the gallery, as well as the password.  From there, you can order professional, high-quality prints and print products, which will be shipped directly from the print lab to your door.  Simple enough, eh?

But if you are looking for a STEAL of a deal, I'm offering my Images for a Cure clients an OUTRAGEOUS special regarding a print package, a CD of images with a full printing rights, and custom-designed holiday cards!  Stay tuned to the JLP Facebook page or this blog for more details.  (I wouldn't want to over-excite you right now...and this blog entry is long enough already!)  I'll also be writing about the endless uses for these mini sessions to help inspire you to get in on the action!

In short, I'm stoked about the opportunity to use my time and talent for an amazing cause!  I look forward to touching base with you again tomorrow.  Until then, feel free to explore the Images for a Cure website and...live life to the fullest!

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