October 8, 2011

Images for a Cure - Special Offers!

I'm so excited to be raising money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the Images for a Cure campaign...for the second year in a row!

First we start with an amazing photo session special...  The mini session fee of $30 for a 15 minute session can't be beat...especially when 100% of the session fee is donated straight to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation!

Next, I thought I would reward all my clients participating in this fabulous event with some very special discounts.  See?  You give a little, you get a lot in return!  What's not to love about this?

Just a little more information...

Prints - I will order your prints through the professional photo lab I use for all my prints and print products.  You cannot possibly beat the color and print quality of this lab - they are amazing!  They utilize professional photo paper, which will help you keep your printed memories looking radiant for years to come.  Move over Wal-Mart and Walgreens...even online companies like Snapfish and Shutterfly!   (I've tried them all, and I'm NOT impressed.  Yes, their prices are good...but it turns out, you really do get what you pay for.)

The prices of these prints cannot be beat, as some local photographers charge $40 and up for ONE STINKIN' 8x10!  With the additional savings you get through this special, you just can't afford to pass this up!

Holiday Cards - Custom-designed by moi (this is the extent of my French vocabulary) and sent off to my professional print lab.  You should get these well in advance of the holiday season quickly approaching in December!  I will be revealing all these incredibly perfect designs soon, so stay tuned!

Photo CD - This CD is usually priced at $150 and you would normally have to make a minimum $50 print or print product purchase online before you are even eligible to purchase the CD.  But not for you special people!  BEST. VALUE. EVER. 

With the photo CD, you are free to post your images online anywhere - Facebook, websites, blogs, etc.  You can email the photos to both friends and family near and far.  And with the print release, you can print your photos anywhere, anytime...even 10 years from now!  

(*Big, fat,  important recommendation - where printing is concerned, I HIGHLY suggest treating yourself to some professional prints through my lab.  But if you've got dozens of friends and family begging for prints, then I can suggest to you some decent online photo labs that non-photographers can use to create prints.  But again, these prints aren't going to be super-de-duper professional quality like the guys I've got working with me!)

You may be asking yourself, "If I participate in Jennifer Leigh Photography's Images for a Cure campaign, do I HAVE to purchase any of these things listed above?"  The answer is...nope!  You can go on your web gallery, view all your final images there, purchase prints and print products from that website and get them shipped directly to your door.  But you'd be passing up on these super sweet deals!  Either way - it's totally up to you.  Promise.  I'm just glad you are joining me in on this campaign to bring hope to those who are fighting or have yet to fight breast cancer.  That's what this whole thing is about!

If you find you have questions about these deals, the JLP Images for a Cure campaign, or anything in between, please contact me anytime.  I'm best reached by email at jenniferleighphotos@yahoo.com and cell phone at 912.222.8369.  If you'd like to learn more about me or see my portfolio, please visit my website at www.jenniferleighphotography.net or check me out on Facebook.  And finally, if you'd like to learn more about the Images for a Cure campaign, please visit their website at www.imagesforacure.com

I look forward to photographing you soon...for a great cause!  ~ Jen

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