February 21, 2012

Elliott & Mom {Me Ra Koh Workshop}

The first weekend of February was one I had been dreaming of for two years.  I finally was able to attend a fabulous workshop given by the amazing and deeply inspiring Me Ra Koh and her awesome, talented husband, Brian Tausend, in beautiful Tampa, Florida!  It was a weekend filled with simplifying the complexities of photography, bonding with other women equally obsessed with photography (I'm not alone!) and personally getting in order the next big steps for my business...which are exciting, amazing ones!! 

And what is a weekend of photography without being able to use our newly refined skills?  We were blessed with being able to photograph several local families using nothing but our cameras and - my absolute favorite - natural light!  I'll be posting these images on the JLP Facebook page, as well as on the blog, this week.  I promise you, you will want to make sure you follow along because these images and the people in them couldn't be sweeter!

Up first is Elliott and his mom.  Could they be a more beautiful pair?  Elliott could be a model - so happy and photogenic - a photographer's dream!  If you're having a bad day, then this blog post is for you because his smile is contagious!  Enjoy!

I love that last image for many reasons...the quiet bond between mom and baby, the soft lighting...but I especially love that mom's necklace with Elliott's initial is in full focus.  She let us know just how much Elliott is the center of her world, and think that necklace helps to relay that story.

See you tomorrow for images of the sweetest little girl and her momma!

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