February 23, 2012

Jeweled Bridal Shoes {Trendy Thursdays}

As a photographer, bridal shoes are very important for some creative pre-ceremony detail shots.  As a recent bride, I was pretty quick to find out that good wedding shoes are hard to come by.  I also learned that I was not alone in feeling that way.

One young lady was shopping next to me in DSW and said, "I have been looking everywhere for beautiful wedding shoes and am not having any luck.  What do you think of these?"  She was modeling "that" type of shoe.  You know, the sexy shoe that looks like it could be a bridal shoe but borders too closely to one you might find on a street corner.  I advised her to keep looking, and she agreed.

So what is new, classy and trendy for 2012?  There are several big trends I will share with you throughout the year, but today we are going to focus on the jewels, ladies!

When talking designer bridal shoes, we have to start with my favorite designer - Badgley Mischka!  All these shoes were found on My Glass Slipper.  What I love about this online shoe haven is the ability to personalize many shoes from a variety of designers with different accents, such as jeweled broaches, feathers and other details.  The Badgley Mischkas below; however, are their original design.  (Don't mess with a good thing!)

Salsa (dyeable) - Badgley Mischka - $215 at My Glass Slipper

Jeweled - Badgley Mischka - $245 at My Glass Slipper

 Sophia - Badgley Mischka - $200 at My Glass Slipper

 Xoa - Badgley Mischka - $200 at My Glass Slipper

Excuse me while I wipe the drool from my chin...

If you are an online shopper, chances are you've heard of SHOEbuy - the online center for shoes that does not charge for shipping (sales or returns!) or sales tax, plus most shoes ship the same day as ordered.  Heaven!

 Rated high for comfort: Alyssa - Brianna Leigh - $140 at SHOEbuy

Keeping up with the fully-jeweled trend: Catherine - Benjamin Adams: London - $349 at SHOEbuy

 I love these wedges with the buckle and ankle strap: Shanika - Touch Ups - $71.95 at SHOEbuy

Okay...it's time to think outside the shoe box for our final 3, which do not have heels, are perfect for specific venues and don't break the bank!

If you are in need of some comfortable flats for dancing the night away (and to, perhaps, not tower over your man if you're close in height), then why not shop at Target?  Wha-wha-what?  I actually saw these in person, and they are cute, flashy and comfortable.  They'd be mega cute with some skinny jeans for a night on the town post-wedding!

Sonya - Xhilaration - $18 at Target

Getting married outside and don't feel like aerating the lawn with your heels as you walk down the aisle?  I am loving these sandals that come in blush, ivory, silver and black.  Stylish for you and your bridesmaids!  (Yeah, yeah...these are beaded, not jeweled.  But who cares?)

Heath - Nina - $49 at Nordstrom

And finally...you're getting married on the beach, can't fathom wearing shoes but want to spruce up your bare feet. Try barefoot sandals?  My favorites are from Debra Moreland is Paris and BHLDN, but you can find extremely affordable ones on Etsy.com.

East of Eden - Debra Moreland is Paris - contact for quote

Waltzing Matilda - Debra Moreland is Paris - contact for quote

Gardenia - BHLDN - $240

The bride-to-be in DSW told me about a pair of shoes she had her eye on for a long time - a really classy and pricey pair.  I told her she'd want shoes she'd love to see in her wedding images.  I also reminded her that while she may not have a reason to wear her dress in public again (twirling around in the dress at home from time to time is definitely recommended), her bridal shoes could be worn again and again.  If she had the budget, why not go for it?  And that, brides-to-be, is my advice to you, too.

Did you see anything here that you fell in love with?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

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