February 22, 2012

The Gladden Family {Me Ra Koh Workshop}

"Oh...my goodness.  Twins and a set of gorgeous parents?  Are you for real?!"

That would be the quote I may have said a little too loud when I walked into the nook of the restaurant where Me Ra Koh said a challenging photo opportunity awaited me.  Okay, so getting two babies to sit upright and stay happy was a little bit of a challenge at first...and potentially, very many things could have happened during this shoot that definitely would have made it very challenging...but I'll be darned if it wasn't PURE JOY!  These babies were happy little boys who were all too happy to entertain us with their many facial expressions and their many nibbles on hands and toes...their own and each other's!  Mom and Dad (named Jason and Jennifer, just like my husband and me!) were so easy going and a dream to work with.  And can you say gorgeous?  How much luckier could we get?


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