April 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home! {St. Lucia wedding photographer}

While I had an amazing time working (and relaxing) in St. Lucia, it's good to be home!  I have so many things to share with you from before my trip - one engagement session, two family sessions, an actor's headshots and a wedding!  I also have so much to share with you about St. Lucia - amazing locations, hotels, experiences, and, of course, Dave & Melissa's wedding!  Everything about our stay (my husband tagged along) in St. Lucia was absolutely perfect, so if you haven't thought of visiting this beautiful island before, I can't wait to change your mind.

And now...back to work for me!  But first, a glimpse into my window seat view of the Bahamas on my American Airlines flight to St. Lucia.  This photo is straight out of the camera and the color was captured "as is."  What a beautiful world in which we live!

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