April 25, 2012

The Walsh-Britt Family {Jekyll Island portrait photographer}

The Walsh family is back again, and this time they bring along with them special guests Nannie and Wiley!

Nannie may look familiar to you Golden Isles folk.  When not being called "Nannie," she goes by her other name - Dr. Angela Britt of the Golden Isles Center for Exceptional Dentistry.  A while back she pre-booked a session for her and her sweet pup, Wiley, and nearly a year later, we were finally able to reconnect!  Angela is knitted deep into the hearts of the Walsh family, and I am always happy to have her join us for some pictures.

These beautiful people and I spent a few hours on Jekyll Island during our shoot.  Our first stop was Driftwood Beach, followed by the grounds of Courtyard at Crane.  And thankfully, both locations had sticks.  Yep, that's right - sticks.  Mister D, who is not only walking these days, excels at running.  But we've found over the last few sessions that he is happily entertained by holding a stick.  Thank goodness this trick still works!  Add an energetic young lady and a 5 lb pup to the mix, and this photographer pulled out every trick in the book during our session together to capture some great moments!  Our session went so well, we even made time to stop and smell the flowers.

Thank you Walsh-Britt family for another wonderful session!  You are loved!

Mister D trying to break free...

...and now he's happily admiring his find.  Works every time!

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