May 11, 2012

Melissa & Dave: Portraits in Paradise {St. Lucia wedding photographer}

Melissa and Dave booked me for an engagement session while we were in beautiful St. Lucia.  And what an adventure it was!  The day before they said, "I Do!" we drove around to some of their favorite places on the island and also scoped out some new spots.

First up was our drive to an old sugar mill.  After ditching a map and obtaining directions from some locals, we made our way deep into the rain forest.  We saw the entrance to a park with a dirt path and a few cars parked on the side of the road.  While the entrance wasn't clearly marked, we thought for sure this was the sugar mill entrance.  A mile hike later, we found that instead of heading to the sugar mill, we were actually walking to a beautiful waterfall!  While the sun was high in the sky and the humidity was thick, we still managed to capture a few gorgeous images.

Next on the agenda was exploring the town of Anse La Raye, the colorful town where Melissa and Dave had attended the weekly fish fry the night before.  We shared a few Piton beers, talked with a few locals, explored a nearby church and visited the waterfront.  What a great little spot for photographs!

Driving out of town and into the mountains, we pulled over for a few images at a couple of roadside scenic overlooks.

Our final stop was The View, a local bar and restaurant high on a mountainside.  Juliette, the owner, greeted us with such kindness.  A few photos, followed by a couple more Piton beers, mingling with the pets and great conversation filled with laughter...we really enjoyed ourselves here under the huge mango tree.

I hope you enjoyed a peek into my few hours of fun with Melissa & Dave, as well as a glimpse into the beautiful people and places St. Lucia offers.  It is a place I look forward to returning to one day soon!

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