April 20, 2010

Battles on the Beach {Portraits}

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of photographing the Battle family.  Mom and I had been rescheduling the outdoor session since December due to bad weather.  On Sunday, the sun was out, the warm breeze kept the gnats at bay, and it was just a gorgeous day to be on the beach at Jekyll Island.  We got the portraits out of the way right off the bat because the kids wanted to play in the water and sand.  Everyone - including me - had a great time splashing around - it was so much fun capturing it all.  This session went so well, and it was definitely worth the wait...see for yourself!

The barefoot Battles on the beach

Mr. C dancing on the sand

Jumping over the waves

Dad and Mr. C showing off those muscles

Thank you to the Battle family for your willingness to have fun!  I'm looking forward to showing you your final images this weekend.

Family photos don't have to be boring!  If you would like your family photos taken at the beach, drop me a line at jenniferleighphotos@yahoo.com.


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