April 7, 2010

Zell Estate, Sea Island {Real Estate}

Last month, I had the pleasure of traveling with Great Southern Publishers (where I am interning as a photographer/photo editor) to Sea Island for my first photography shoot with them. Sea Island is a beautiful, private community where the wealthy folk live. It's a gorgeous island and you truly get the sense of being on vacation when you're there.

My assignment was to capture the essence of the Zell Estate, a $6 million dollar home currently on the market. Much of this ornate home was hand carved, hand molded, hand painted (you get the drift) by a team from Portugal. Many trimmings were also shipped from Portugal, such as the solid marble columns in the atrium.

While I didn't get as many shots as I would have liked, I am glad I took the time to find the best possible camera and flash settings in each location, enabling me to achieve results I happy with.

Let me know if you're interested in putting in an offer. They accept checks. :)

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